The Presiding Bishop's letter of condolence to Mr. Joe King of Franklin Springs, GA

Office of the Presiding Bishop
The International Pentecostal Holiness Church 

January 23, 2012                    

Dear Mr. King:

It is with a sad heart that we send greetings this day. We feel the loss of Virginia and know you were faithful to make the long drive to visit her as the last chapter of her life was written.

The IPHC continues to hold your father and mother in high esteem. J. H. King’s monumental contribution to the life of the IPHC was manifest in ways beyond his unprecedented term as IPHC General Superintendent. He is also remembered outside the IPHC in places as far away as Finland where he commissioned the first Pentecostal missionary.

Not only is J. H. King's Passover to Pentecost still regularly read by IPHC ministerial candidates, his writings continue to receive acclaim from scholars. This is evident by the multitude of articles in dictionaries. encyclopedia, journals, and books.

J. H. King is a Founding Father of the IPHC and we will always honor his unique contribution.

You have helped make this possible by donating his personal library to the IPHC Archives & Research Center.

We pray earnestly for the comfort of the Holy Spirit believing that 2012 will be a year of good health and blessings for you. Please feel free to contact me if I can serve you in any way!


Dr. Ronald W. Carpenter, Sr.

[Editor's comment: I felt it is important for the readers of Hugh's News to know more about the personal pastoral care of our Presiding Bishop Ronald W. Carpenter, Sr.

It was my privilege and honor to work closely with him for twelve years when he was the chairman, Chaplains Ministries, IPHC, and became aware of his love and care for our military and civilian institutional chaplains.

As the General Superintendent of the IPHC (International Pentecostal Holiness Church) his ministry is greatly expanded and he is often thrust in pastoral care opportunities where his own personal love for Jesus Christ and the people of the church, and the scope of his ministry is enormous. This letter of condolence is indicative of his compassionate heart in written form.

What you read is the heart of Ronald W. Carpenter, Sr.  He is authentic and genuine.

His care for the Bishop J. H. King family is one of many examples where he reaches out to touch our people where they hurt.]

The Presiding Bishop's letter of condolence to Mr. Joe King of Franklin Springs, GA