Dr. James D. Leggett reports that the new dorm is completed, students have moved in

Dr. James D. Leggett, president of Holmes Bible College in Greenville, SC, reports that on Monday, October 31, 2011, the new dormitory was completed, the final inspection had been made, and they have in hand a certificate of occupancy. 

Praise the Lord!

The students began moving in on Monday afternoon. They were in chapel when the news broke, and what a glorious note of thanksgiving to conclude the worship service with praise and hallelujah to Almighty God for the great things He has done. I am sure there was shouting and singing by all in attendance.

President Leggett said, "The building seems to get larger every time I look at it. Everyone is taken back with the functionality and beauty of the dorm."

Steve Shealy, a faculty member, said with great excitement, "I never thought we would move this fast in building the campus."

Holmes Bible College needs your prayers and financial support. We need to help the president and his staff to recruit students all across this nation and around the world.

I am reading a book that Elvio Canavesio has just had published entitled, How did you do it? It's a thrilling book that tells how God called a poor Italian boy from a Catholic family in Argentina to preach the Gospel. He tells how Dr. Paul F. Beacham gave him a full scholarship to attend the college. Had it not been for Holmes Bible College we would not have ever heard about Elvio Canavesio as an evangelist, prophet, missionary, church planter, etc. There must be other boys out there like Elvio who need an opportunity for a Bible college education. Holmes Bible College can prepare them to serve the Lord.

No one can fully explain what has happened in such a short time that Dr. James D. Leggett has been the president. It is something that God has worked out and done as He has used his servant to follow and obey Him. Something supernatural is happening on the campus of Holmes Bible College. There is no other way to explain it. It is marvelous to behold, and you and I can be a vital part of what God is doing on that college campus in Greenville, SC.

Why not call and ask Dr. James D. Leggett how you can help him? I guarantee that it will lift his spirits and bolster his faith. More importantly, it will provide you with an opportunity to encourage and to give to this great Bible college that is making a difference in our world.

That telephone number is (864) 246-3566

The mailing address is:

Holmes Bible College
Attn.: Dr. James D. Leggett, President
4901 Old Buncombe Road
Greenville, SC 29617

Be sure you tell Dr. Leggett that you read about the new dorm in Hugh's News, and you wish to be a contributor in the payment for this new dorm so it is debt free. We want to dedicate a new building that is paid for.

It wouldn't hurt one bit, if we give above the costs for the new building and put a sizable amount in escrow for the maintenance of this new building.

Dr. James D. Leggett reports that the new dorm is completed, students have moved in