Leroy Baker's song is still being sung, "God's Got An Army"

The Archives of Hugh's News are a great resource for looking up what you think you may have read in this newsletter. I was looking for an article I had written about an author and a book, and low and behold, I found the lyrics to "God's Got An Army," by Leroy Baker.

Leroy Baker wrote the award winning song entitled, "God's Got an Army." I think it was copyrighted in 1972.

"God’s Got An Army"

by E. Leroy Baker

God's got an army marching through the land
Deliverance is their song, there's healing in their hand
There's everlasting joy and gladness in their heart
And in this army I've got a part.

God said to Abram, come and follow me.
I'll lead you to a land, that flows with milk and honey
As far as you can see I'll give it all to thee
And children like the sands of the sea.

God asked Ezekiel, can these bones live again?
Ezekiel said, Lord you know if they can.
Then preach to these bones, say come together and stand
It's time, we're gonna march through this land.

In the clouds of heaven King Jesus shall descend
And every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess
He'll reign throughout this land in peace and righteousness
And I'll be there in the army of the blessed.

Sing it, read the words, meditate upon them, and be blessed.

Leroy Baker's song is still being sung, "God's Got An Army"