Harvest Train 2010 at Falcon, NC, Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This year's Harvest Train may be the best in its 61-year history.

Joey Leggett, CEO of Falcon Children's Home, extends a warm welcome to you to come. You will be inspired and thrilled to see what God is doing at our children's home. God's gracious hand is upon Joey Leggett and this home for children. God's favor is flowing there. It is imperative that you see and experience what God is doing. The focus is always upon the children, their welfare, educational and spiritual growth, and future.

The drama that will be presented is entitled "My Temporary Home."

A Special performance by the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra String Quartet will add heavenly music to the occasion. From the photo that was in The Guardian, it seems like there will be three violinists, a cellist, and a clarinetist.

The Harvest Train Parade will begin in Falcon at the Culbreth Memorial Auditorium at 9 a. m.

The Harvest Train Program will begin at 11 a. m. in the Culbreth Memorial Auditorium at 11 a. m.

Lunch will be served on campus, immediately after the program.

For those who will be arriving early, you are invited to see and hear the Jay Stone Singer in concert at the Falcon Children's Home Chapel on Monday evening, November 22, 2010, at 7 p. m.

For more information call: 910-980-1065 / falconchildrenshome@hotmail.com

[Editor's Note: Melvine, Stephanie and I will be there. I have invited Air Force Chaplain, Captain Jamie Braswell, who is stationed at Fort Meade, MD, to join me at my display table where we will provide literature that promotes the military chaplaincy in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. You will get to meet Chaplain Braswell.

In addition to recruiting future military chaplains, we also recruit and endorse ministers for Institutional Chaplaincy.]


Harvest Train 2010 at Falcon, NC, Tuesday, November 23, 2010