A tribute to Eula Kathleen Stanton Corvin by Bill and Bette Anderson

It was my honor to have Dr.  R. O. Corvin as my Bible teacher at Southwestern College (SCU) for four wonderful years, and also as our pastor at Muse Memorial Church in OKC. What a heritage is ours. He was no doubt one of the most outstanding and dynamic teachers, preachers, church leaders of his day.

He has produced many Biblically solid preachers and church leaders found in Pentecostal circles today. Only time will fully reveal all the Godly influence that Corvins have had on this generation and beyond. (Note: If there is such a thing as a perfect minister’s wife, Eula would be in that class.)

It was my honor years later to serve as their pastor at Muse Memorial Church in Oklahoma City, across the street from Southwestern College. When Dr. R. O. Corvin died suddenly, it fell my privilege to minister, along with Dan Schaeffer, at his funeral attended by a huge crowd including many church leaders of the denomination.

It would be a blessing if we were able to attend Eula’s graveside service in Oklahoma City to honor and respect the memory of this great lady of her day. Our prayers for God’s comfort upon the family, and our rejoicing that she and R.O. are together at last.

The service will be held at a gravesite adjoining those of our son, Billy, and parents, W.J. and Bessie Anderson. Will that not be a glorious reunion for them all on that Resurrection Day of Christ’s Return?

Bill and Bette Anderson

[Editor's Comment: What a delight it is to get this tribute from Bill and Bette Anderson. They were our pastors when I was president of Southwestern College where they served at Muse Memorial Church, now renamed River of Life Church and has a new location on the north side of Oklahoma City. They will always hold a special place in our hearts for them. When our children had to be hospitalized, Pastor Bill Anderson was there to minister to us.

God gave a tremendous congregation to the Andersons in those days. The church was filled with joyful worshipers, and my how the anthems did ring in great singing, praise and worship.

The first three presidents of Southwestern College all attended Muse Memorial Church together.  It was my distinct honor to be seated near them in worship and to share a mutual experience of having served Southwestern College as president. They were very gracious and kind to Melvine and me, as well as our children.

Bill and Bette Anderson provided an atmosphere of love and excitement as we looked forward to every worship service--Sunday morning and evening, and Wednesday nights, as well as during revival times. Bishop Jesse Winley preached a five or more week revival that was powerful and profound. I had the privilege to take Bishop Winley out to lunch during that revival.

No doubt many more of my readers who knew and loved Eula Corvin will want to write a tribute to honor her as well as Dr. R. O. Corvin. Hugh's News is always a place to publish those kinds of articles.

A tribute to Eula Kathleen Stanton Corvin by Bill and Bette Anderson